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Recording in Galway, Ireland

I've been working on this record for the better part of 3 years, and never expected it to take as long as it has. It wasn't until I was actually IN the studio that I realized fully how important it was for me to take the time to get to this point with the songs. I've never felt GREAT about ANYTHING I've ever recorded before this, so this feeling of accomplishment is new for me. It's probably no coincidence that it comes just a month after I sent my one and only beautiful child off to college. This is a time of completion in many ways, and of wonderful change. To everything, there is a season... I'm SO SO SO (sososososososoooo) BEYOND GRATEFUL to all those who have stood by my side, and never given up on me, as this project took so much longer than I initially anticipated to complete. Your confidence in me helped me get to this point, and I just can't thank you enough. You know who you are! :) And a HUGE thank you to all the Kickstarter backers who took a risk donating to this project, and patiently waited for me to see it through. You are wonderful humans, and I appreciate you beyond measure. <3 The record is currently being mixed in Dublin, and I hope it will be ready for release in early 2018. Can't wait to share it!

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