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Writing with two amazing, and quite different musicians at the moment, is proving to be an identity-defying experience for me. I hear my tone change radically from one session to the next, and like Derek Zoolander, I've found myself looking up at the stars at night, and asking aloud, "Who am I?".

​I'm comfortable writing on my own, taking years to finish a song when I want, or at other times, an hour. No pressure...write what feels genuine, when I have time, and eventually I'll have another album. Creating deadlines around my art has never been my forte. However, there's nothing like the wasted feeling of ending a co-writing session with nada; of going through the trouble of coordinating schedules, driving to and from houses, and coming home with a bunch of 30-second iPhone audio clips that are nowhere closer to being "songs" than they were when you got there, that inspires the desire to set some tangible goals.​

For these reasons, the folks with whom I'm writing (separately) and I have made it a point to finish at least one song per session, and as a result, we've written more songs together than I have alone in two years. I don't know if these songs are any good, but at least they're done. I'm learning from each of them, and I know that's important. If nothing more, I'll have an excuse to get back into the studio next spring. If all goes as planned, next year we'll be recording these songs on a couple different albums. Or better yet, maybe Taylor Swift or Adele will be. :) BACK TO BLOG

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